About Us

Name: Olly/ O-Zone/ Papa Tutch/ Krill

Age: 22


Real World Job: PR/ Marketing Person

Currently Listening to: A lot of Hip-Hop for some reason

Current Man Crush: Bradley Cooper

Most looking forward to: Bungee jumping down-under

Most scared of: Getting messed up by a heard of Jellyfish.

Name: Laura / L-Dawg / Howlies

Age: 22

Twitter: @Laura__Howells

Real World Job: Teacher

Currently Listening to: Little Comets

Current Girl Crush: Rosie-Huntington-Whiteley

Most looking forward to: Chillin with some baby Elephants in Thailand

Most scared of: Being eaten alive by small monkeys

Name: Matt / Barby / Barbosa

Age: 23

Twitter: @matthewbarby

Real World Job: Online Marketeer

Currently Listening to: Four Tet / Alt-J / Joy Division

Current Man Crush: Leo DiCaprio (what a man)

Most looking forward to: Being in perilous situations

Most scared of: Trying to reason with myself

Name: Doug/ Douglass/ Dogstro/ Dog/ Plankton

Age: 23

Twitter: @TheQuadOfficial

Real World Job: Personal Trainer/ unemployed/ avid reader of The Sun

Currently Listening to: Deep down and defected

Current Man Crush: Johnny Wilkinson… obviously

Most looking forward to: The sun, all the ‘Beyyyyyyy’s’ and ‘Arthoooooo’s’

Most scared of: Snakes, Spiders, anything bigger than me

Name: Quinn

Age: 22

Twitter: @melted_stories

Real World Job: Temping for any company that takes me

Currently Listening to: Enrique, Beddingfield, Shane Ward

Current Man Crush: Anyone tall, dark and handsome

Most looking forward to: First pint

Most scared of: Loss of limb from a quad hate crime