Cuba: an underrated travel experience?

March 21, 2014 by

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Stunning beaches, warm sunny climates, and paradise in a nutshell – I have pretty much described every Caribbean island – no? Obviously, the various Caribbean islands vary, but one that has particularly caught my eye is Cuba. An interesting fusion of cultures, customs, and people, Cuba is a unique place to visit as this blend of different lifestyles co-exist to create a beautiful whole.

Despite a bit of a turbulent past, Cuba seems to have come out thriving as multi-ethnic country with a unique heritage for visitors to discover. It seems to be opening up as a must-see destination with what the Cuba Travel Network calls ‘captivating charm’ and ‘its welcoming people’. Aside from the beautiful Caribbean weather, there are plenty of things to explore as you get to know the island and its fantastic culture fusion.

As with many new places you visit, getting the local know-how to find the ‘real’ city or country can be a little tricky. Finding an insider who knows the top spots is always a good idea, again, the Cuba Travel Network (quoted above) are a good company as they offer unbiased trustworthy travel advice. CTN are also based in Cuba which means they are helping you from source, so you know you’re getting local expertise and advice.

Below is a CTN video montage of what Cuba has to offer.


If you’re interested in visiting Cuba, Cuba Travel Network are also running a competition giving away a trip for two.

It’s pretty easy to enter- you send a prank text bailing on someone for a trip to Cuba, screenshot the funny response, and share. People vote for the best response and fingers crossed you win. More details and a video can be found here.

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