Guest Posting Guidelines

On the Melted Stories blog we pride ourselves on delivering high quality and informative articles that focus around travel experiences and advice from around the world. We are now offering the opportunity for others to post as a guest author on our blog to share their own travel experiences.

We will only accept guest posts from genuine travel bloggers. It doesn’t matter if you have your own travel blog or not, but if you have an interesting story to tell and some good photography (that you own the copyright for) to go with it, then get it touch.

If you’re just an SEO agency trying to use Melted Stories solely to build links then you’re unlikely to receive a response to your email.

Why Would I Write for the Melted Stories Blog?

There are a number of reasons why writing a guest post on our blog could be beneficial to you. The first is that we have a larger readership that are interested in travel-related articles, which could result in more exposure for your content.

Secondly, we will do our best to push your article through our social media accounts (Twitter/Facebook/Google+) to give you the best possible coverage. You will also be able to gain feedback from users within the comments box below.

Lastly, we will also send out a link to the article to our newsletter subscribers which could result in more traffic being driven through to your own website and an increase in social media followers.

Guest Blogging Editorial Rules

In order to have your guest post published on the Melted Stories blog, it must fulfil the following criteria. Please note that even if your post does fulfil all of these criteria, we still have the right not to publish the article:

  • Articles should be related to personal travelling experiences that do not directly promote the services of a business.
  • Ideally focus around East/South East Asia.
  • Content must be original and not published anywhere else on the internet.
  • Posts should be a minimum of 400 words long and individual paragraphs should be no longer than 4 lines.
  • hero shot photo should be included near the top of the post that is relevant to what you are discussing.
  • All photos used should be your own. If they aren’t your own photos then you should write the source of the image below them with a direct link to it.
  • You may link to other articles within your post if they are relevant, as well as the websites of anyone/anything mentioned (as long as they are not solely to promote a product/service).
  • Articles should be written from a personal perspective that talks directly to the reader. We are not currently looking for generic ‘Top 5 Best…‘ articles so please don’t put these ideas forward unless you strongly feel that it is relevant to our readers.
  • Be sure to include an author bio at the end of your post (between 2-4 lines long) where you can include a link back to your website and links to your social media accounts. Also include a photo of yourself to go within the author bio (200px x 200px).

Submitting Your Guest Post

Please be sure to contact us before you write your blog in order for us to decide on a suitable topic. To get in touch about writing a guest post on our blog, please email Matt at the following address and write ‘Guest Blogging on Melted Stories’ as your email subject:

matt (at)