Maya Beach, Thailand – A Definite Bucket List Destination

May 2, 2013 by

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One of Thailand’s not-so-well kept secrets is the isolated shore of Ko Phi Phi Leh, Maya Beach. After Danny Boyle’s film ‘The Beach’, which used Maya Beach as the main filming location, the area became a haven for tourists and continues to do so.

Maya Beach Thailand

The beach itself is like no other that I’ve visited before. When you walk across the sand it feels more like a soft powder than coarse grains. It’s almost like you’re getting a foot massage – which is a delight. Combine this with the clear warm waters of the sea and you’re as close to paradise as your going to get!

Maya Beach in Photos


Maya Beach Cliffside

The towering cliffs surrounding the beach are a real sight to behold.

The view from Maya Beach

The stunning view from Maya Beach.

Group Photo on Maya Beach

The Melted Stories team together on Maya Beach.

Maya Beach Photo

The warm, clear waters around the beach.

Maya Beach Sunset

The sun diving below the cliff-side.

Beautiful Sunset Around Maya Beach

The sunset as we sailed away from the beach.

How to Book a Trip to Maya Beach

To get to Maya Beach you need to book a boat trip from Ko Phi Phi Island. Don’t worry about booking this in advance because boats go out pretty much every day (weather permitting). I booked a trip to Maya Beach that also included a visit to Monkey Island, where you can feed the wild monkeys, some snorkelling around 4 of the bays surrounding the island and also some lunch for just 400 Baht (£10). You can’t really argue with that!

There are loads of places that sell the trips on Ko Phi Phi but I found that the cheapest were at Harmony House (near High Bar) and I can vouch for the quality of the trip. In my opinion, you only need a half day trip because you pack so much in that you’re exhausted by the end of it!

Send Us Your Photos

If you make it down to Maya Beach be sure to send us through your photos from your time there. If we receive any particularly good ones then we’ll feature them on the blog. Also, if you need any advice on the trip then just drop us an email at contact (@)

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