How I Rocked London

February 17, 2014 by

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Do not expect to read in this article about a rock concert or a rock star. This is just the story of my life in London. I was not born here and I did not have any friends either. I received a work related opportunity and I took it, though I never thought of myself as a courageous person or even the adventurous type. My usual and favourite weekend was that quiet one, spent in bed, with a good book and a big cup of hot coffee. No tea, no pubs, no sightseeing or pounds in my wallet.

And then, all of a sudden, I woke up a stranger between strangers. My adventure began with my flight. I have never been on an airplane before, so you could imagine the emotions before departure. I packed and repacked and packed again my luggage. I was a nerve wreck and did not know what would be useful in a foreign land and also what would represent me best. I always thought that first impression is crucial, especially when it comes to future co-workers.

After choosing my favourite outfits and those small things for the office that would remind me of home (picture with my family, a clock desk that I have received from my best friend and some inspirational messages that I have gathered over time) the moment arrived when I had to head towards the airport. And what do you know? I actually loved the flight. Especially that part when I felt like being in a rollercoaster. So that rocked.

Because I am a very organized person, I gathered some pieces of information regarding transport from the airport. I have to say that my Stansted transfer to London rocked as well, because it was the first time when I actually booked a car with a driver. I personally do not own a driver’s licence, so my main means of transport are the bus or my husband in the role of the family’s driver. The surprise of being picked-up by a polite gentlemen, escorted to the car and being offered a bottle of water (from the house) was a very pleasant one. It’s been a great experience and not to mention that from now on I’ll know where to call for a taxi to Heathrow for when I’ll be leaving in my holiday.

So my arrival to London was a great experience. At a certain point I simply realised that if you do not take a risk or try something new, you do not feel like living, but more like watching others living it. Although it is your life. It might sound weird, but I established that after my work schedule I will do my best to start visiting London, on my own. And so I began to rock on its streets, quirkiest boutiques and markets, popular bars. You name it. I must admit that it was the best month of my life.

For starters, I must mention my discovery of the Royal Parks. My favourite one remains Hyde Park. I spent a whole day among its vastness, being charmed by all its beautiful flower arrangements, the nearby Buckingham Palace and also by the variety of memorial stones and other emotional symbol that are meant to always keep alive the memory of Princess Diana. I noticed all those amazing people that read, ran, did yoga, shared a sandwich with their friends and couples that enjoyed a romantic walk.

Another moment that marked my visit was the first encounter with The London Eye and its surreal view. I think I took the most pictures there. And the best ones, too. Its greatness simply gave me peace and made me feel one with the earth, connected to all those Londoners that get to watch this magnificent attraction whenever they feel the need to forget about daily worries and simply feel above everyone and everything. Even if it is for a short moment.

Maybe in another article I will tell you more about this life changing journey, but right now I just want to pass this message to you: travel equals life and life equals happiness. Without them, everything is black and white. It is a shame that I had to find this out at the age of 25, but it is not too late to start planning a great holiday each year and not waiting until another work opportunity arises. I hope that you have enjoyed reading this article and I know that most of you resonate with your first travelling experience. Your life should rock starting now.

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